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I should post here

I don't journal like I should anymore.

Things are fine. I'm in a good mood, but I have a ton of trig problems to work on so I better go do that. :) But yeah. I will try to be here more often.

Writer's Block: Multiple Personalities

Introduce all your different personalities.

What in the balls, LJ? Some of us live with that, you know!
I'm Elsa.
I live with Creepy, Elaine, Jared, and Katrine.
The WBC will be protesting a Marine Sergeant Kevin Balduf's funeral on Monday, June 13th at 9:30 AM at Woodmont Hills Church in Nashville (3710 Franklin Pike.)


No matter what you feel about religion, I think we can all agree a fallen soldier and his family deserves respect. Join the counterprotest if you can.

Summa cum laude, here I come

My grades:

98 Spanish
99 Speech
100 History
100 Anatomy

Never in my life have I had so many people say "I hate you" then follow it up with "may I please study with you? can I see your notes?"

totally chair dancing while copy-pasta-ing that.


I'm confused.

Ok, so this disabled woman is going down the street and she yells something at a van. I guess the N word since that guy reacts that way. What's she trying to say? It sounded like "that's my ride home" then "my brother" or something. And also, who records someone watering the yard? And that's a goofy way to water grass.

I see lots of people are judging because the woman gets up for a moment. Let me remind everyone that pain is invisible. You don't know her medical condition. Also, it is not your problem or your business. So let it go.

Of course, you should never use racial epithets. But I don't think she was addressing those men.

I hate the whole "fat people are stupid and lazy" thing. I'm a great big old fatty. I'm not trying to lose weight. I park in the very last row every day so that I can get in a little more exercise each day. I calculate that I spend 5 hours each week walking. Also, I am the best student in every single class I take. Do you think that happens when people are lazy? HELL NO.

Some fat people are indeed lazy and stupid. However, some fat people are workaholic geniuses.
I can't believe some moron in my anatomy class had the nerve to whine to the professor in front of the whole class that she's too busy to read the assignment. Welcome to college, loser.

Dr. E. handled it a lot nicer than I would have.

WTF did this stupid bitch expect? A magical fairy to read it for her?

Guess what, Entitlemoo? Education is sacrifice. Maybe it shouldn't be, but it is. Life is hard. You give up time to go to school. And it isn't just showing up to get a degree - especially if you are majoring in a medical field.

You need to WORK. You need to prove your critical ability to evaluate a situation. And if you can't do that, you don't pass. Not fair? Of course it isn't fair. But we need to weed out the people who can't hack it (i.e., YOU) so innocent patients don't die from vastly stupid mistakes.

If you can't pass A&P, that doesn't make you a bad person. It means you probably don't need to go to nursing/med school/other health occupations, but you're not evil.

What makes you a piece of crap is that you are 35 years old, and you expect.... Actually, what do you expect?


School eat denoue_moi's life

Nom-nom-nom. Sweet tasty life.